Star Hill Family Athletic Center | 100 Gerber Dr. Tolland, CT 06084 | 860-871-8800

Child Care

Childcare services are available for children ages one and above. Please contact us at 860-871-8800 if you have any additional questions.


Availability of Services:

  • Monday and Wednesday: 8:30am to 12:00noon
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 4:30 to 7:30pm


Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Currently accepting children 1 year old and older
  • All participants must sign in upon arrival and pick up
  • All participants must sign a waiver
  • hildren must be picked up by the same person who dropped them off, unless prior arrangements are made
  • Adult guardian must remain at the facility while child is in childcare services

All participants must have a signed waiver on file with Star Hill Family Athletic Center.

 Click here to view and print waiver form.

 Click here to view and print guest registration and waiver form.

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Facility Hours Availability

Monday - Friday 
5:00am to 9:00pm 

Saturday & Sunday 
7:00am to 1:00pm
Monday and Wednesday
8:30am to 12 noon
Tuesday and Thursday
4:30 to 7:30pm

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