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Star Hill Field Hockey League Rules

All games will be played according to current outdoor high school rules for youth players and FIH rules for adult players with the following modifications:

1. Duration of games for league play


All teams will play 8 scheduled games.

Length of the games will be 2 halves lasting 26 minutes each.

Halftimeshall be 5 minutes.

If a team cannot begin play within 5 minutes of scheduled start time, game will be considered a forfeit.  Score will be reflected 3-0 in favor of non-forfeiting team. Teams may play with a minimum of 4 field players. Teams should plan on arriving 15 minutes early to warm up and be ready to start on time.

Each team will provide a roster to game management prior to the 8 week session beginning.  Any disputes concerning roster violations must be addressed with game management.

2. Number of players


All teams will play with 5 field players plus a goalkeeper (6 vs. 6).

*Teams can play with 6 field players and no goalkeeper; the 6th field player will have no goalkeeper privileges.

3. Scoring

Field goals may only be scored from within the circle.  If an attacker hits the ball from outside the circle and it goes directly into the goal or is only touched by a defender on the way, it does not count as a score.


4.  Penalty Corners


Only 3 defenders and the goalkeeper are allowed back to defend.  All other defenders must return to the opposite striking circle.

5.  Start of Game


The Home team will have possession of the ball at the beginning of the game. The ball must be passed back at the start of a game.  No one may cross the midfield line until the ball has moved.



6. Substitutions

Substitutions will be allowed on the "fly",  the player who is coming out of the game must be completely off the field prior to the new player coming on the field. All substitutions must take place in front of the players bench area.

7. Coaching


Coaches must stay in "coach's area".  Coaching from the sideline is permitted provided instruction is given and not derogatory.  No coach, player, or spectator may make derogatory comments or gestures to referees, other coaches, other players, or spectators.   No coach, player, or spectator will use profanity or behave destructively.  Coaches or team captains have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, friends, and spectators at all times.  Spectators will be ejected from the facility for any disruptive behavior.

8. Scoring System

All goals are one point goals.

Teams will be given:   Three (3) points for a win

One (1) point for a tie

Zero (0) points for a loss

9. Play off - Tie Breakers


Tie breakers will be used as follows: (1)  Head-to-Head competition

(2)    Total goals against

(3)    Total goals for



10. Equipment

All players must wear shin guards and mouth guards.  Youth players must wear eye gear. All players must wear molded rubber soled cleats or indoor shoes. No jewelry of any kind is permitted. Goalkeepers must be legally equipped.

For further information click here to read How to Play Outdoor Hockey

All participants must have a signed waiver on file with Star Hill Family Athletic Center.

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