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Check-in: All members are required to check-in at the front desk when arriving at the
facility. Please present your membership card. 
Member Change Forms: Please notify the membership team if you have changes in your
address, email address, phone, marital status, and credit card information. You will be asked to
complete and sign a membership change form.
Youth Members Ages 9 to 11:
*Must be part of a family membership
*Must provide proof of age
*May use the pool (un-attended by a parent) during open swim once they
have passed the swim test
*May use the fitness center & weight room with parental supervision –
after they have passed the youth fitness training course
*May participate in their “age appropriate” group fitness classes w/parent
Youth Members Ages 12 to 15:
*Must provide proof of age
*Must purchase a Teen & Student Membership to use the fitness center & weight
*Must be 14 years of age to use the free weight room
*Must pass the youth fitness training course prior to using the fitness
center and weight room
*May participate in their “age appropriate” fitness classes
Youth Members Ages 16 to 18 & College Students (With proof of current college enrollment):
*Must provide proof of age
*May participate in their “age appropriate” fitness classes
Facility Schedules:
Please refer to the facility schedules online and call the front desk for dome



From an article in Club Solutions Magazine


club-sol-2014-10-14Pleasing everyone in the family can be a challenge. Mom enjoys cycling, but dad plays basketball. One child likes swimming, while the other prefers lacrosse. As a result, trying to please everyone can be impossible.

Imagine offering your members a place that caters to the entire family.

Star Hill Family Athletic Club in Tolland, Connecticut, is a one-stop shop for all athletic needs. The company fully embodies its motto “re-discover the power of play” by offering everything you could imagine in a health club — and even more.

“The concept behind the gym was to provide a spectrum of amenities that could work within the health and wellness industry, but at the same time make it a family-oriented facility,” said Mike Smida, the owner and general manager of Star Hill Family Athletic Club. “The goal was to provide a place for families to come and exercise together.”

The 143,000-square-foot facility boasts an indoor swimming pool, three turf fields, two full-sized hardwood courts, a batting cage, an indoor walking/jogging track and a fitness center featuring cardio equipment and free-weights. Members can also choose from a plethora of Group X classes, ranging from yoga and cycling to Country Western Dance and Pickleball.

When Smida opened the club in November 2009, he kept family in mind. “Star Hill is a dude ranch out in Cody, Wyoming, that my sister-in-law’s family owned,” said Smida. “We went out there many times when my kids were little, and for me that was always a great family memory, so I asked permission to carry the name over to this facility.” By offering a wide spectrum of amenities, Star Hill Family Athletic Club is a place where the whole family can find something they enjoy.

If members want to break away from their daily workout routine and try something new, they can give a sports clinic a try. Star Hill Family Athletic Club offers soccer, lacrosse, basketball and field hockey clinics, in addition to soccer, football, volleyball and field hockey leagues.

Creating value for members has contributed to Star Hill Family Athletic Club’s success. “We work very hard to demonstrate the value of our membership,” said Smida. “It’s not only a gym membership, it’s a place for a birthday party, a place for swim lessons or parents night out, which means mom and dad can have a date night once a month.”

Star Hill Family Athletic Club provides the community of Tolland with much more than exquisite fitness facilities. Smida strives to make the club feel like a real home. “A couple years back we had a huge snow storm and people lost power for a week,” said Walker. “With our generators we were able to stay open. We had people sleeping in the lobby, taking showers and charging their phones.”

Even though Star Hill Family Athletic Club features a plethora of family friendly fitness opportunities, Smida stresses the importance of having a key focus and vision. “Know the product and know the target audience,” said Smida. “We have had to discover that. We can’t be everything to everyone. It’s all about focus. Know what you’re trying to provide and then do a great job doing it.”

By Emily Harbou








Bring your family together to play in the areas largest Family Athletic Center.  At Star Hill Family Athletic Center you can take a swim with your family in our beautiful indoor swimming pool, or challenge yourself by taking one of our many Group Fitness classes while your children play a game of basketball in our magnificent dome.  For those of you who enjoy cycling try one of our many exciting and fun group spin classes held in a climate controlled room with fantastic heart pumping music to get you moving!  Whether you want to learn a new swim stroke our swim lessons for you and your children are offered year round.  For addtional motivation and a great start on your fitness goal let our Certified Personal Trainers get you on the right track with a personal fitness appointment.  There is so much to do at Star Hill Family Athletic Center that you will be sure to find something fun and exciting for everyone in your family.  Our membership plans are based on an annual agreement, you can also choose to finance your membership by paying low monthly dues.   We can help you to decide which membership plan will help you reach your fitness goals or includes the areasyou are most interested in using.


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