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Mike and Bill,
I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how i have benefited from my personal training sessions at Star Hill.
I have been working with Michelle for the last six months and have seen significant results.  I have lost weight and I have seen a noticable improvement in my level of energy.  Working with Michelle is great because she knows just how far to push me without overdoing it.
I have been with Star Hill for the last year and a half and have found the programs, training, facilities and most importantly the people to all be first rate.  Keep up the fine work.
Jonathan Boulay

Hi Mike,


I want to thank you so much for allowing the Tolland residents the use of your beautiful facility during the storm that affected all of us.  My husband and I took advantage of your kindness several times during the power outage and I wanted to let you know how much we really appreciated it.  Just the smallest thing like being able to take a shower at the start of our day after waking up in a very cold house was such a great help. Your kindness and the ability to let non-members use your facility helped get us through a difficult time.


Thank you again for your kindness.

Have a great day,


My name is Courtland Taber I have been a member of your center for 1 month. I am 65 years old with a few medical problems. In that month I have had the pleasure of the use of your equipment and professional staff.  
From the moment I met Deb it felt like family the way old businesses treated there coustomers. She showed me around and told me about silver sneakers of which is a program provided  by Connecticare and the program was part of there membership. I was introduced to Michele and she showed me how to correctly use the equipment she is one of the personal trainers on staff. I have become a regular, minimum of 5 days a week and enjoy my work outs.
There is always someone in the area to help out and to keep an eye out for for my well being. Matt and others are friendly and make you feel welcome. I have been using one of the pay for services which is the licensed Massage Therapist Lisa Bosworth. I really look forward to our weekly sessions after a good work out. She had a brochure that said that one month of once a week you would feel better. It was very true for after 1 month I feel better enjoy the workouts and have become healthier and motivated to do a lot more with my retirement. Not to mention the blood pressure reduction and glucose levels and the weight loss.  
Please continue doing a great service to the community and the seniors your staff is awsome.

Hi Nick, Mike and Bill:

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you opening your doors to Tolland residents for the shower facilities.  I was one of those residents who just got our power and water back on Tues 11/8/11.  I have been using your facility since last Wednesday, the hours made it even better so that I could still make it to work on time every day.  You certainly made a very degrading experience a bearable one.  Ryan at the front desk was extremely friendly and helpful.   Most of the women I ran into were actual members and I did not want to get in their way but they never made me feel out of place.  They too were gracious to me.   I have been giving you all a HUGE shout out on Facebook as well.

Once the Holidays pass my Husband and I will be visiting your facility for a complete tour so that we can see what Program works best for us.

thank you again for all that you did for our community!



Dear Staff at Starhill,

I'm sure mine is one of many notes you have received in response to your generosity during the storm.  My family was able to use your facilities and enjoy all the comforts of membership during this time. We were in a much better mood after a day at Starhill and of course showers!!

Your staff at the concession stands, in the bubble, at the front desk and at the pool was awesome!!  Customer service was unbelievable! 

I will definitely be putting a family membership to Starhill on my Christmas list!



Barbara and the entire KERECZ family (John, Bryce, Evan, Mason, Reagan and Logan)

Hi. Nick,

My husband and I have only been with you folks for 2 weeks, but I want you all
to know how impressed I am with the help you've offered to those without
power. I knew we joined the right place!

Gail Phillips- Bosshart

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