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  • pool sched 5-4-21

  • Pool Rules & Regulations


  • Star Hill will be opening the pool along with the rest of the facility on Monday, June 22nd.


  • We will be enforcing the health regulations in and out of the pool dictated by the state of Connecticut.


  • Reservations will be required for lane use only (lap swimmers and aqua exercise). Please read the new rules and regulations for the pool and the reservation system below.

  • We ask that swimmers arrive in swimsuits and shower prior. One shower will be available in both the women’s and men’s locker room for rinsing only before swimming if needed. Locker areas & showers will be closed. Bathrooms in the locker rooms will be available.


  • Face masks or coverings must be worn while on the pool deck. You do not need to wear a mask while rinsing off in the shower or while swimming in the pool, but as soon as you are dry you must put your mask back on.

  • Maximum of 25 individuals in pool room (including those swimming & on the deck).

  • Social distance: All individuals must remain at least 6 feet apart from those they do not live with both in and out of the water.


  • Lifejackets: All families must bring their own Coast Guard-approved life jacket for non-swimmers. Star Hill will not be providing life jackets to members due to health regulations.


  • Shared equipment: Star Hill will not be providing shared pool equipment. The shared Storage Room will be off-limits to open swim/lap swimmers during this phase. Members are welcome to bring their own swimming devices such as kick boards, noodles, pull buoy, and pool weights.


  • Classes: Swim lessons/classes/practices can only be conducted if they do not require physical contact between student and instructor (e.g. swim team session, diving lessons. Aqua Aerobics)

  • There will be a maximum of one swimmer per lane unless the lane is being shared by members who live together in the same household.


  • Rules for Reservations: Reservations for lanes can be made the day before and are on a first come first serve basis. We ask that members call the front desk (860-871-8800) or reserve in person. Members from the same household may share a lane, but still must follow the reservation rules as if they were a single swimmer. Members may reserve a lane in 30 minute or 1-hour increments. Please understand that reservations are mandatory for lap lanes, walk-in swimmers are welcome, but must go to the front desk to check for lane availability and to reserve available time. Walk-ins may have to wait for a lane to become available.

All participants must have a signed waiver on file with Star Hill Family Athletic Center.

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